RBTF NGO of enviromental Protection - Medical Rescue and Global Defense MTÜ

Our Mission & Vision

In the middle of 2019, the RBTF Nonprofit project was launched. The aim of this project was to protect our environment and provide emergency medical assistance in emergency situations and crisis areas. With the beginning of the war in Ukraine on February 24, 2022, a new important aspect was added, the point global defense.

The reason for this project are the more and more increasing dramatic problems on our planet.

Starting with a constantly growing overpopulation, our planet is more and more characterized by the division between poverty and wealth. Power and money play the biggest factors in this, because whoever has money can buy power.

This system leads to wars, terrorism, dictatorship, suffering and last but not least, through the destruction of our environment, to frightening natural disasters, extinction of animal and plant species, outbreaks of diseases and many other miseries.

Eniromental Protection
Medical Rescue
Global Defense
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